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A drywall texture can add a wonderful effect to your aesthetic, whether in your ceilings or walls. It can be your best option in older homes to hide some imperfections as it creates some dimensions and elevates the final appearance of your house.

Our drywall texture specialists can turn your boring walls and ceilings into livelier ones! If you are looking for more choices aside from a typical painting, then, adding some texture to your drywall is the key.

It is not a serious problem to deal with for some homeowners until they decide for some renovation to complement the interior works in their homes. Some may think that applying a texture to drywall is pretty simple.

You will need some experience in this kind of field to achieve the perfect look that you are visioning. Leave the job to us, as it requires a few years of applying the texture to get it just right.

Don't waste time by watching tutorial videos. Vancouver Drywall Repairs has a team of experts with proper tools for this kind of job. Whether it is a personal choice or depending on the customer's needs. Vancouver drywall texture specialists can help you decide the best texture finish that will meet your standard and budget



There Is Something More Behind A Paint Brush

Knockdown Texture- It is very alluring to eyes because of its light and smooth aspect. It gives additional life to a room, making it more prominent in looks. Knockdown is the popular choice among other textures. It gives a "bumpy" texture when finished. It also gives raised eccentric shapes on the walls. Some types of knockdowns to try are Slapbrush Knockdown, Drywall Knockdown, and California Knockdown.

Orange Peel (Splatter Texture)- Orange Peel can hide the minimal imperfections. It is almost similar to a knockdown texture but not as smooth after application as the knockdown. It is in between of knockdown and popcorn texture.

Spanish Knife Texture- It has very definite ridges figures scattered all over.

Skip Trowel Texture- A skip trowel is an in-demand finish. It is used with textured plaster to create the final appearance. Only experts can do this correctly without any imperfections as you will need to be experienced with a trowel to make the finish you want to achieve

Swirl- There are a few types of "Swirls" that you might love to consider, such as Perlite Swirl and Sand Swirl. This texture gives you an endless swirl pattern and "bumpy texture" throughout the walls.

The kind of drywall finish and texture you choose will depend on the room and drywall installation. Consider the use of the room, either its a bedroom or living room. It's better to decide while you have all your furniture outside the room.

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