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Way back in the 1980s a popcorn ceiling or acoustic ceilings were the big hits in the construction world. Aside from hiding your ceiling’s imperfection, it is also beneficial to your home as an absorbing aid to sounds and noises.

Such enough time until the arise of asbestos issues, it was then prohibited the usage of asbestos as one of the prime material for popcorn ceilings due to health hazards. Manufacturers switched on using styrofoam or paper to achieve a similar outcome. As the construction world evolves, many are now turning into modern designs of the ceiling like the vaulted ceiling and tray ceilings.

In Vancouver, there are still some homes that still have a popcorn ceiling. Whether if you want to update your retro fashion or do some remodeling jobs, including the old popcorn ceiling can be the best move to complete your overhauling process. Hiring a professional for popcorn ceiling removal can ease you from all the pain in the neck.

Leave the job to the qualified and trained professionals at Vancouver Drywall Repair. We guarantee you to provide your ceiling a new break. Our set of drywall contractors can do this for you effectively. It is not a simple job to do, and we do not just remove it. We remove it with precaution as we are all aware of the asbestos issues. Do not put yourself at risk of trying to remove it yourself.

As you might damage the whole underlying drywall ceiling surface, and leave you on a messy job. Trust only the most reliable contractors.



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It is ideal for working with experts who know how to handle the job professionally. It requires a good multi-tasking ability as the process can be both physically and mentally challenging as you will do the accurate plans and estimates. It seems pretty easy for us to do it since we have all the types of equipment, tools, and experience in this field.

Vancouver Drywall Repairs are very experienced in the process of removing popcorn ceilings. Our contractors are dedicated and committed to keeping your home free of any damages during the removal process.

We offer affordable rates for popcorn ceiling removal services in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. We leave our customers in awe after seeing the results.

We do not rush any job, whether it is a single room or the whole house or building. We give each the same attention and approach the project in a very professional manner. It is no easy job, but through the help of our experts, we can make it all possible in no time.

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